Privacy Policy of Screen Off Utils

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Screen Off Utils uses the following permission:

However, it does not collect any sensitive data.


Screen Off Utils 1.5.4


Sorry everybody, i was too busy and have no time to develop the application before.

I begin to develop this application again.

  1. Delay Screen Off by events (Failed)
    There is a request that related to Delay screen off by event. However, i cannot have a proper solution on it. I have tried my best but the behavior is too bad.
    Workaround set the “Delay Lock Time For Animation” with a larger ms but it will affect all screen off action by the application 😦
  2. Redraw the application icon:
    This time, i do not change the style of the icon.
  3. Experiment fix for Android 4.0.4 problem. Configuration option is add to enable this is added.
  4. Kill the Application process after screen off.

Screen Off Utils 1.5.0 Released



  1. Add Delay Lock Time Setting for Animation (User can control the screen off time to avoid screen off before animation finised) *Feature which Required by user 🙂 *
  2. Add Option to show Notification Icon for Notification Area Shortcut.
  3. Re-enable the Notification area shortcut when upgrade this application.

No planning as too busy (and very depress as somebody said me just copy other app directly)

Screen Off Utils 1.4.0 Released



  1. Added Screen Off Animation


  1. Rewrite the Configuration UI – Current UI cannot support some functions
  2. Invoke other application when screen off
  3. Screen Off Sound
  4. More animation options
  5. More event based screen off options

FC in Screen Off Utils 1.3.0 as wrong default setting in led value

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I apologize for the careless mistake on v1.3.0 and late fix on the problem.

I find the problem when i am working and use my lunch time to fix the issue. However, i cannot access the key to sign the application for deployment to market in my work place. Therefore, i need to wait until i come back home.

Still not find the reason of Launcher Pro swip action FC. Will contact Launcher Pro for the problem.

Screen Off Utils 1.3.0 Released

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  1. Change the application icon to fulfill the application features
  2. Add Screen Off Items – notification area
  3. Add Screen Off Action – Track ball color

Planning Features:

  1. Add Screen Off Action to invoke other application
  2. Add Screen Off Effects
  3. Add Screen Off Sound
  4. More Events of Screen Off

Do you have any suggestions ?

Continue the development of Screen Off Utils

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Just back from the project of my real works for salary and i can continue the development of Screen Off Utils.

Finished the new icon of the application. 🙂

It is my first time to use an vector graphic tool. I think that this icon is not too bad. HaHa.. 😀

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