Screen Off Utils (Lock Screen Button) 1.2.0 Released

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1. Changed the Application name to “Screen Off Utils”
2. Screen Off By events (Connect Power, Disconnect Power, Remove Docking)
3. Added menu with link to uninstall “Screen Off Utils” (auto disable force lock and bring user to the android standard uninstall page)
4. Allow invoke Screen Off by intent action –”
5. Add Language: T.Chinese

Please feel free to contact me if you want to translate the application with other languages.

Future plan:
UI: I want to change the icon in next version. Any suggestion ? Should like a lock or like a power button icon?
Screen Off Item: Notification Bar
Action: invoke other application on screen off


Rename “Lock Screen Button” to “Screen Off Utils”


In “Lock Screen Button v 1.2.0”, the application will be renamed from “Lock Screen Button” to “Screen Off Utils” to match the functions/features of the application.

Lock Screen Button 1.1.0 Released

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  1. Can remove the device admin permission in the configuration of the application.
  2. Replaced “Lock Screen Button” by “Configure Lock Screen Button” in the drawer of launcher.
  3. Added Configuration: Enable/Disable the force lock, Create Shortcut, Vibration.
  4. Added shortcut entry in the “Select shortcut” of launcher.

Known Issue:
Using “Create Home Screen Shortcut” in the configure will add the shortcut to all launchers. You can ignore it if you are installed one launcher or only using the default launcher. Cannot fix as already using standard android API to add shortcut.
Work around:
Using the Add shortcut of the launcher.

Will provide screenshot on market when i am free.

Lock Screen Button 1.0 Released


This is the application and widget which can screen off your phone.

As lock screen permission is needed, it is require to enable the admin permission of the Lock Screen Button after install. (Enable admin permissions in Location & security > Select device admin > Lock Screen Button).

Also before uninstalling this application make sure to disable admin permissions in Location & security > Select device admin > Lock Screen Button.

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